Guide: How to Get Your Content Shared on Facebook?

The rules of marketing have changed: The Edelman Trust Barometer has found that over 70% of people trust information shared by friends whereas only 14% of people trust mass media advertising. Increasing numbers of people consume news pre-filtered by their friends on social media – photos, videos, status updates and links to news articles posted by people [...]

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10 Most Innovate Ways to Promote Your Business

Are you stuck for ideas on how to get your business recognised? As part of a small or medium size enterprise you may not have the budget of large corporations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the word out. Being creative with limited resources can in fact be much more effective than going [...]

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Social Media Optimisation – how important is it for your business?

If you, like me, find yourself receiving the majority of news via social media such as Facebook or Twitter and through friends’ referrals (likes, recommendations, shares) before resorting to a Google search on any given topic, you have already been introduced to SMO: Social Media Optimisation. Metamorphosis of marketing via mass viral communication has altered [...]

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Has social media left public relations speechless?

In the short space of my 22 year career in PR, technology has revolutionised not only the way PR is executed but also the role of PR. It is no longer seen as an expensive and luxurious indulgence for large businesses and corporations. Instead it is literally at the touch of a social media button [...]