Does Your Business Find It Hard to Innovate? Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Enterprise Fresh From Within

Despite their obvious challenges (such as lack of experience, formal structures, established protocols and accomplished portfolios, among other things) start-ups cannot complain about lack of energy and ideas. Nearly every new business is brimming with enthusiasm and inspired visions of how to revolutionise the market, that stem from a range of sources, such as: a [...]

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5 Small Business Digital Tips

Small businesses often operate through word of mouth and recommendations/referrals. As valuable as these tactics are, it is also becoming increasingly essential to supplement such personal approaches with a solid online presence – not just to get in the lead, but often to simply not be left behind. To be sure, the internet has proved [...]

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The Future Is Open Source – What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Recently, open source seems to be on everyone’s lips; so much so that it’s easy to accept its existence without feeling the need to investigate it in depth. Although it is not a new concept, it is only in recent months that it is emerging as much more than just a curio on the sidelines [...]

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Growing Online, or Why You Should Stop Ignoring Web Analytics

Today a large proportion of your customers and clients will likely first find out about you online, either via Google search or social media. Your digital footprint – your website and social media presence – can be a clear indicator of how forward-facing your company is. This means that it can be as damaging as [...]

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The Internet of Things – the inevitable future?

Technology never fails to bring us exciting developments and always promises to make our lives better. In recent years, there has been an explosion of technological creativity and innovation, with bold projects being undertaken in all corners of the Earth: from wireless power, 3D printing, gamification, autonomous vehicles and Automatic Content Recognition, to mobile robots [...]