Bunker – Strategic Managed IT Solutions. We are agents of change, delivering key elements of our clients’ business strategy through three focus areas; Strategic IT Consultancy, IT Solutions, and Managed IT Services & Support. We are trusted advisors and experienced expert practitioners. We speak the languages of business and IT and translate clients’ objectives between the two
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Strategic IT Consultancy

We provide services to compliment your IT team, deliver specific projects and/or run aspects of your IT services on your behalf, e.g. Service Desk, remote monitoring for a time period specified by you.

IT Solutions

We effectively take over the management of your entire IT function or discreet aspects of your IT function where we deliver these services back to you over a fixed contract term for a monthly service charge.

Managed IT Services & Support

We create, design & build mobile applications and websites. Basing our technical and creative teams side by side enables us to build communications that are well researched, relevant, often innovative but always inspired, ensuring we get the right balance of functionality and design.

We are our clients’ IT Strategy, Solutions & Managed Service Partner:
Strategically focus
  • Detailed understanding of business and IT
  • Futures, improvement and growth-focused
  • Anticipating needs and delivering goals
  • A proven improvement track record
  • Making complex simple
Experienced expert practitioners:
  • Certified IT professionals (e.g. HP, Dell, VmWare, Cisco, Microsoft)
  • Qualified professionals’ experts in our field
  • Industry experience in numerous sectors
  • Senior IT consultants following best practices
  • Expert problem solvers with a holistic view
Providing the best solutions and value:
  • Leading IT partnerships enhancing our capabilities
  • Best choice of market-leading products
  • Comprehensive service & solution offering
  • Risk reward pricing with competitive rates
  • Achieving an optimal TCO with maximum benefits
Delivering a full managed and support service:
  • From strategy, design and transition through to full operation
  • A full portfolio of peace-of-mind managed services
  • Ensuring security and regulatory compliance
  • Going beyond the brief to exceed expectations and needs
  • Local, approachable, responsive, driven, professional and agile
We bring transformational change, quickly adding value that can be sustained long after the project is complete. We offer peace of mind to our clients with our transparent approach, our clarity of communication and the integrity to tell the unvarnished truth.
Here you will find advice, tips and opinions about all things technical and digital – our forte.
We aim to offer a modest contribution to ongoing debates in this fast changing landscape, and add to the pool of shared knowledge.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have and don’t forget to leave feedback. 


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