At bunker we’ve got IT covered. We formed bunker in 2010 to provide a full-service IT company using relevant and top-tier technology; we shun the overuse of acronyms and jargon; we provide our customers with plain-talking solutions which are both cost effective and future proof.
The bunker houses our team of technicians, developers and support staff whose passion is building solutions that meld our technical and creative minds. Our services are based on a shared love of infrastructure and web-based technologies.
When you outsource your IT support and development to us we will help to navigate the wealth and complexity of options available to you, and provide tailored solutions that fit your business needs. We are based over two sites in London: North and South of the river, and our services cover most of the UK and sometimes further afield.
bunker’s mission is simple yet central as to how we want to do business; we strive to deliver technical support and development services in a transparent and accountable way. We over-deliver on expectations and earn the right to be a long-term business partner.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental best practice are central to our way of thinking and doing business and we are committed to working in a transparent and accountable manner. From the inception of BUNKER48, we have been dedicated to ensuring environmental stewardship, safety, health and green work practices for our employees, customers and vendors alike.
At BUNKER48 we continually strive to refine our practices and work with third-sector social partners ‘The BumbleBee Alliance CIC’ and ‘EnvironmentalPlus International CIC’ to help us meet both our corporate and client objectives.
Metro House
79-80 Blackfriars Road | London | SE1 8HA
020 7078 4848


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